The author,  Rev. Fr. Joseph S. Benitez was ordained a priest by The Most Rev. Dinualdo D. Gutierrez, DD.,  Bishop of the Diocese of Marbel, on June 11, 1993 at Santa Cruz Parish, Maasim, Sarangani Province. Maasim was a former municipality of South Cotabato in the South Central Mindanao, Philippines.

This blog is my simple contribution towards the clarity and reflective mood of the Word of God everyday. My other purpose is: this will serve as a guide to my co-Christian Catholics in their life of faith as they travel towards the Kingdom of God.

This blog is named “homely” instead of “homily” because as children of God we should be at home with His Word, reflect upon it and apply it into our lives. Just like when Jesus asked His disciples if they are also going to leave, Simon Peter answered: “Master, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life,” (John 6:68).

17 Responses to About

  1. alfredo caylan says:

    sermon on the 3rd sunday of Lent year A

  2. sr. gr8t says:

    Thanks for this nice and interesting blog, Fr. Joseph.

  3. Gil says:

    Fr , thanks very much for your blog , that gives more inspiration about our faith.

  4. Smp Osf says:

    Thanks Fr. Joseph for a rich source of our Catholic Christian faith.

  5. Fr. Anacletus says:

    Thanks fr. Joseph for this fountain of God’s word.

  6. Fr. Jun Balarote says:

    Daghang Salamat kaau sa imang pag-ambit “your homily” brings inspiration.

    Fr. Jun B.

  7. Manoj says:

    your homilies are really thought provoking and inspirational. thanks a lot
    one small suggestion- u could develop an app for ur site so anyone will have it in their mobile

  8. Fr. S. Joseph says:

    Thanks a lot for these wonderful homilies. Fr.S.Joseph

  9. Fr. Mohan Vincent says:

    Fr. JB
    I greatly appreciate your interest and hard work in collecting Fr. Munachi’s Homilies. I love his reflections. Each time I go through these homilies. I am thankful for what you have done.
    I hope these reflections will remain in the site for ever. God bless your work

  10. Nixon says:

    This is a huge help for us preachers. Thank you so much for the wonderful reflections!

    • Edward Harpe says:

      You certainly are correct in saying that the homilies are a huge help. I am not the most gifted writer and these homilies provide the elements I would so like to express.
      I am so thankful for them.

  11. Msgr Anthony alee]]] says:

    Thank you so much Father for this great assistance. I was feeling dry, but now I am okay again. God bless

  12. Fr John Amsberry says:

    Hello Rev. Fr. Joseph S. Benitez. Thank you for all the wonderful homily help! I am a priest in the United States of America from San Diego, California. I particularly like your link titled Daily Good News. Unfortunately, I am not able to access it Anymore. I was wondering if you could help me out with that? My name is Father John Amsberry and I am pastor at Saint Charles Borromeo parish in San Diego, California and my email is tag71464@gmail.com. I hope you can get back to me! God bless you for all your great work!

  13. Munching AM says:

    Peace be with you Rev Fr. Thank you very much po for your blog. Can I make a request po , can I have the link about the homilies of Fr Vargas . God bless po

  14. Edgar L. says:

    This is my first encounter sa imong paambit sa pulong sa Ginoo. Daghang kaayong salamat Padre and God bless you and your Ministry of Sharing your reflection.

  15. Justiniano Rara Damiao says:

    Good day, Fr. J! I’d like to thank you for using this platform to share the good news. I have been using CFC through this blog; it’s easy to use. May I know if I could print chapters 2, 9-12, 23-28 through your blog for students who have no access to the internet? Ad majorem dei gloriam!

  16. Justiniano Damiao says:

    Good day, Fr. J! Thank you for sharing the Word of God in” your own ‘big’ way. I have been using CFC through this blog; it’s accessible and user friendly. May I know if I could print CFC chapters 2, 9-12, and 23-28 – for students who have no access to the internet, through this blog? Ad majorem dei gloriam!

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