Monday of the 5th Week of Lent

  • John 8:1-11
  • A Woman Caught in Adultery


2020 Liturgical day: Monday 5th (C) of Lent

«I am the Light of the world»

Fr, Jordi PASCUAL i Bancells (Salt, Girona, Spain)

Today Jesus gives us a definition of Himself that fills with sense the life of those of us, that despite our many deficiencies, wish to follow him: «I am the Light of the world» (Jn 8:12). Jesus’ person, his teachings, his examples of life, are light that lightens all our existence, whether in the good hours or in moments of suffering or contradiction.

What does that mean? That under any circumstances which we may find ourselves in, such as in our work, in our relations with others, in our relation to God, in our joys and in our pains… we may ponder: —What did Jesus do in a similar situation?; we can always look into the Gospels and reply: —So I will do the very same thing! Precisely, John Paul II has incorporated to the Saint Rosary —a “compendium of the Gospels”, as he himself recalls— the mysteries on the public life of Jesus, and has named them “Mysteries of Light”. Thus, the Holy Father says: «It is He who, after being named favored Son of the Father at the Baptism in the Jordan, announces the arrival of the Kingdom, and bears witness of it with his deeds while proclaiming his demands».

Jesus is Light and «the one who follows him will not walk in darkness, but will have light and life» (Jn 8:12). As his own disciples, the Lord also invites us to be light for the world; to shine a light of hope amidst the violence, mistrust and fear of our brothers; a light of faith amidst their darkness, doubts and queries; a light of love amidst the many lies, bitterness and passions that surround us.

The Holy Father, as a backdrop to all the mysteries of light, reminds us of Mary’s words at the Cana wedding: «Do whatever He tells you» (Jn 2:5): this is the right way for Jesus to be the Light of the World and for ourselves to be able to illuminate with this same light.


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