Saturday of the 7th Week of Easter

John 21:20-25

The Beloved Disciple

OTHER HOMILY SOURCES from Roland Sacristan

2012 Three Kinds of Envy and Four Ways How to Get Rid: Roland Sacristan, Yahoo Contributor Network Oct 23, 2012,

Envy as defined by dictionary, it is a feeling of discontent or covetousness with regard to other’s advantages, success, possessions, etc. Envy is often covered by fake congratulatory message and humility. This is present to everyone. One cannot deny that he had not envied someone’s new touch-screen cell phone, laptop computer, expensive bracelet, and even academic and sports trophies.

Why do we envy? I believe we envy because of our immature emotional weaknesses that are associated to jealousy caused by inferiority. Indeed, it is a negative thing we must get rid of. This instability of emotions will lead us to depression and even severe psychological problems.

We have different forms of envy. These are as follows:

  • Envy to Possession. Superiority in material belongings widens the eyes of inferiors. These inferiors wish of having also what other people just have thus often than not will cause evilic actions to be done just to hand a particular thing.
  • Envy to Social Status. Poor people situated in small houses envy those who live in a mansion. That we cannot blame. Education also has become a risk in this form of envy. Many poor students want to pursue their studies but some of rich students don’t want to. There seem to be a problem of opportunity-sharing. Many of these students reason out that poverty is the main reason of not attending school.
  • Envy to Skills and Talents. There are people who are gifted by skills and talents. These gifts lift up their chins making them look over to others and can only see people of the same level. However, there are a number of people who finds skills and talents as the things they unfortunately don’t have. In a way these intimidated individuals see no room for them.

Envy makes a lot of things going crazy here are some tips of getting rid out of it:

  • Stop Comparing. Comparing totally different things is one of the funniest things we people always do. Each of us is unique. We need not to compare ourselves to others. Acceptance is the key here. There are always people superior to us but there are also people inferior to us. Just put yourself in the middle being there you feel light and happy.
  • Focus on your Assets. Each of us is special. We have distinct capabilities to showcase. Focus on them not unto our flaws.
  • Focus on Positive Things. All your doubts and insecurities should be trashed away for in the end you find them all pointless. Focus rather on useful and positive ones.
  • Enjoy. Live your life. You are given one not to compare this to other. Be contented and just live life to the fullest.

Not all what you want, you can get. There are just things we can’t get even though we wanted it so much and even do we exerted effort to hand it. If we can’t, no reasons to put envy in ourselves, let go and there are other great things we deserve more than that thing.


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