Saturday of the 7th Week of Easter

John 21:20-25

The Beloved Disciple


2018 Saturday of the 7th Week of Easter

Acts 28:16-20, 30-31; Gospel JN 21:20-25


Comparing the other with ourselves leads us to judge the other and then condemn him.

After confessing his love for Jesus, Peter started to follow Jesus. On the way he saw John whom Jesus loved. As soon he saw John, Peter started to compare the way John’s way of following Jesus with that of him. John was a young man who followed Jesus with lot of love and emotion. He could even sit reclining to Jesus during the last supper. But Peter was reluctant to allow Jesus even to touch his feet while Jesus wanted to wash them. Peter was an experienced fisherman while John had not been to any profession. Peter was a married one while John was not. Peter compared John with himself and found that John is not worthy to follow Jesus. Therefore he asked Jesus the question, “Lord what about him?” But Jesus asked Peter to concentrate on his mission rather.

Everyone is unique in themselves with different qualities and talents. Each one of us is brought up in different circumstances.

But our sincerity and genuinity in carrying out our mission makes us equals in the sight of the Lord.

In today’s Gospel St. Johns says that he has not written everything about Jesus as it is not possible to record. But whatever is written is good for teaching, for correction and for training in righteousness (2 Tim 3:16). Our life too must become gospels, the fifth gospel for others. It will motivate others instead of judging them by comparing them with us. Fr. Johnson Bezalel CMI



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