Saturday of the 7th Week of Easter

John 21:20-25

The Beloved Disciple


2018 Reflection – May 19, 2018

Chris Wells ’09

Assistant Director, Volunteer Leadership

Notre Dame Development

Growing up with three sisters, it seemed almost destined that I would be my father’s favorite child. My sisters still refer to me as the “Golden Boy” of the family. Maybe it’s due to all of the time my dad spent with me hunting, fishing, and playing sports.

In today’s Gospel, the apostle Peter is experiencing what those of us with sisters, brothers, or multiple children call sibling rivalry. He sees the apostle John following them. John is widely thought of as Jesus’s favorite, earning the “Beloved Disciple” moniker. Peter asks Jesus, “What about him?”—referring to John, suggesting a competitive curiosity. Jesus replies to Peter’s question by essentially telling Peter to not worry about it and to follow him.

It’s easy to fall into the trappings of rivalry and competition, even though the wins only provide fleeting happiness. For all the celebrations of Fighting Irish victories I’ve participated in over the years, it’s worth remembering that Christianity is not a competition. God loves us each as individuals, just as Jesus loved John and Peter on their own terms. May we instead be fulfilled by following Jesus with steadfast love, not in rivalry but in trust of his will—and his love—for each of us.

“If anyone wishes to come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.” (Luke 9:23)

Lord, bless us with your perfect will as we choose perpetual happiness in the kingdom of God. Amen.



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