Thursday of the 7th Week of Easter

John 17:20-26

The Prayer of Jesus


2018 Reflection – May 17, 2018

Matt Kenny ‘92

Notre Dame Club of Muskegon
The humanity that Christ displays in this Gospel reading is, for me, truly humbling. His prayers for all of us are so intense, so personal, so intimate. He implores the Father to bless us with wisdom, grace, and most of all love.

The time spent anticipating his suffering and death must have been excruciating for Christ. His love for the chosen twelve who were physically with him that evening, as well as all “who will believe in me through their word” is clear. While his earthly life was coming to an end, his thoughts and prayers focused on those who would carry his message forward. Not just his disciples—all of us.

This Gospel reading challenges me to ask: How am I following Christ’s way? I’ve never encountered anything close to what I can only imagine Christ faced that evening in the garden. Am I capable of putting others first? Can I be selfless? In times of anguish, where do my thoughts go?

For the last 22 years, my daily prayer has been that God will keep those entrusted to me—my daughters—happy, healthy, and safe. Reflecting on this Gospel helps me understand that my prayer should also be that they will have the courage and strength to face the challenges life will present.

Just as he loves the Father, Christ loves us! So much so that before he gave up his life for ours, he prayed for us—that we would be one with him and the Father, and through this unity, we would have the courage and strength to follow his way.



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