Wednesday of the 7th Week of Easter

John 17:11b-19

The Father’s Word is Truth

OTHER HOMILY SOURCES from One Bread, One Body

2015 One Bread, One Body – Reflection for May 20, 2015


“I do not ask You to take them out of the world, but to guard them from the evil one.” –John 17:15

Savage wolves will come from within the Church (Acts 20:29) to distort the truth and lead astray “any who follow them” (Acts 20:30). As part of the persecution from these savage wolves, we will have to contend with the hatred of the world (Jn 17:14) and the rage of the devil against us (see Rv 12:12; 1 Pt 5:8).

We definitely need to be guarded, and in addition to our guardian angels, the Holy Spirit has assigned people to guard us (Acts 20:28). The leaders of the Church have a special responsibility to guard us, especially the Pope. Therefore, we must be submissive to the Pope and the leaders of the Church, or the Holy Spirit’s chosen method of guarding us will be ineffective.

Do you know what the Pope is teaching? Do you try to read his letters (encyclicals) to you? Do you know what the Church teaches? Have you read at least part of the Catechism of the Catholic Church? We must know what the Church teaches in order to obey her. We must be obediently submissive to the Church in order to be guarded according to the plan of the Spirit. We need to be guarded so we won’t be hurt badly or destroyed. Be guarded. Come, Holy Spirit!

PRAYER: Father, though a thousand fall at my side (Ps 91:7), may I stand protected, untouched, safe, and saved.

PROMISE: “You need to recall the words of the Lord Jesus Himself, Who said, ‘There is more happiness in giving than receiving.’ ” –Acts 20:35

PRAISE: St. Bernardine gave so much of himself that he would often preach for three or four hours and sometimes additional sermons as well. His goal was that “the shining splendor of [Jesus’] name causes His word to be proclaimed and heard.”



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