Tuesday of the 7th Week of Easter

John 17:1-11a

The Prayer of Jesus


2018 Tuesday of the 7th Week of Easter

Acts 20:17-27; Gospel JN 17:1-11A


In today’s Gospel we reflect on the prayer of the High Priest Jesus for his disciples. This may be the only prayer of Jesus that is recorded in the Gospels. But, as we know, prayer was an integral part of His life. He was seen as praying in numerous instances at various places and times. As for Him, ‘prayer means the communion with God.’ Very often we too spend time in prayer. But, our prayer never gets integrated with our life. Instead it remains limited to the Church and prayer rooms. How to integrate prayer with our daily life and have a life of Prayer?

Give glory to God: “I have glorified you on earth” (Jn 17:4). Jesus had glorified God in all that he did and spoke. He glorified God when he saw the lilies in the field and thus was in communion with God. Contrary to it, the pride that seeks glory of oneself s taking us away from God. Instead we must focus on giving glory to God. St. Paul says, “Whether you eat or drink, do everything for the glory of God (I Cor 10:31).

Seeking the other’s good: This prayer of High Priest is in fact a prayer of intercession where he seeks the good of his disciples. He wants them to be protected, to be guided, and to be filled with joy and finally to be remained united. In order to integrate prayer with our lives, we must be ready to forego ‘I-Me-Mine’ attitude and consider the other as first. And according to St. Paul, this was the attitude of Jesus Christ (Phil 2:4,5).

Word Oriented: Jesus prayed for the disciples saying that ‘they all were faithful to the Word that they have received (Jn 17:8).

If we want to integrate prayer with our lives, we must have Sacred Scripture both in our pockets and in heart.

Let’s integrate our prayer with our lives. Then our lives will become, ‘life of prayer’ as it was with Jesus. Fr. Johnson Bezalel CMI

Source: navchetana.com/web/homilies.php?date=2018-05-15


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