Tuesday of the 7th Week of Easter

John 17:1-11a

The Prayer of Jesus


2018 VICTORIOUS LOVE “My only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me—the task of testifying to the good news of God’s grace.” — Acts 20:24

“Is it game over for me this time? Did I lose the battle now?” Tears escaped my eyes as I threw up again that afternoon. I was tired of vomitting and getting sick. The image of my nine-year-old self flashed before me: bedridden and bruised. I asked myself, “If I were to die today, what changed in the past 19 years?”

In my mind, I saw some of the important events that happened after I got well. I got to know Jesus in a more personal way, spent quality time with my family, joined the campus ministry, became part of a Charismatic community, built relationships, and so much more.

I smiled. Between then and now, I lived. Not only did I survive, I lived. I learned how to appreciate the gift of a new day. I learned what forgiveness is all about. I learned how to serve without wanting anything else but to extend God’s love. I learned how to love.

In my heart, I heard God say, “My child, you didn’t lose. Because the moment you learned how to love, you’ve already won. It’s all that matters.” Maymay R. Salvosa (christiane.salvosa@gmail.com)

Reflect: Love is the essence of life. Be intentional in loving someone today.

Lord, grant me courage. Lord, grant me strength. Grant me compassion that I may be Your heart today. (From the song “Your Heart Today” by Bukas Palad)

Source: kerygmafamily.com/modules/dailyreadings/read.php?date=2018-05-15

2018 KNOWING GOD What do we mean by “eternal life?” Jesus surprises us with a different definition. “Eternal life is this,” He says in His prayer to the Father, “to know You… and Him whom You have sent, Jesus Christ.”

Knowledge today is the key to a bright future. High school graduates find it difficult to land a good job. Even college graduates cannot aim for a job with a high salary. With an MA degree, there is hope. What then does Jesus mean when He speaks of eternal life as knowing God? The knowledge about God is taught in theology. Those who get a degree in theology are supposed to be experts in knowledge about Him. Should all become experts in theology? Surely not, because Jesus did not say, “Eternal life is to know a lot about God and Jesus,” but to know God and Jesus. What is the difference? To know God is not only to have a good idea of what God is like; it is much more. The word “to know,” as it is used in the Bible, expresses a very intimate relationship, like that between husband and wife. That means “to know God” is to have an intimate personal relationship with Him and with Christ. Having an intimate relationship with God already foreshadows the state of heaven, where we see God face to face and live in His presence forever.

How can we know God and Christ in such an intimate and personal way? It is not easy but simple, as often simple things are not easy to do. The main task is to do the will of God in all circumstances. The will of God and Christ is laid down in the Ten Commandments and in the New Testament, explained and deepened with the help of the Holy Spirit by the Teaching Authority of the Church. This leads us to accept gracefully things that cannot be changed and to follow our well-formed conscience. Those among us who have developed a regular habit of prayer will find it easier to do than those who pray only when they need something from the Lord. If we have good will, an open heart, and are ready to always say the three-letter word “yes” to God’s plans, knowing God will come easy. Fr. Rudy Horst, SVD

——- REFLECTION QUESTION ——- In which area do you still have to improve in knowing God and Christ in an intimate way?

Lord, I thought I already know You, but I still lack to always say “yes” to You. With the help of Your Holy Spirit, I continue to strive for a deeper relationship with You.

Source: kerygmafamily.com/modules/dailyreadings/read.php?date=2018-05-15


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