Tuesday of the 7th Week of Easter

John 17:1-11a

The Prayer of Jesus

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GOSPEL: JOHN 17: 1-11


(I sense Jesus wanting to meet me. I prayerfully call upon the Holy Spirit to be present. I prayerfully read today’s gospel passage slowly once through. I sit in silence for a few minutes with the gospel text. I now pray through the following meditation. I allow the Holy Spirit to lead me, pausing wherever I need to.)

Today Jesus pray for us. `It is essential is to note that Jesus did not pray that his disciples should be taken out of this world. He never prayed that they might find escape; he prayed that they might find victory. The kind of Christianity which buries itself in a monastery or a convent would not have seemed Christianity to Jesus at all. The kind of Christianity which finds its essence in prayer and meditation and in a life withdrawn from the world, would have seemed to him a sadly truncated version of the faith he died to bring. He insisted that it was in the rough and tumble of life that a man must live out his Christianity.

Of course, there is need of prayer and meditation and quiet times, when we shut the door upon the world to be alone with God, but all these things are not the end of life, but means to the end; and the end is to demonstrate the Christian life in the ordinary work of the world. Christianity was never meant to withdraw a man from life, but to equip him better for it. It does not offer us release from problems, but a way to solve them. It does not offer us an easy peace, but a triumphant warfare. It does not offer us a life in which troubles are escaped and evaded, but a life in which troubles are faced and conquered. However much it may be true that the Christian is not of the world, it remains true that it is within the world that his Christianity must be lived out. He must never desire to abandon the world, but always desire to win it.`1

I often like to emphasize to those who come to CSC for retreats that we are not taking `time off` from reality but we are essentially entering deeper into reality with the penetrating gaze of Jesus under the light of the Holy Spirit upon our lives. So, if we enter with the right spirit, a spirit of conversion we are eager to get back into life because we want to test the fruits of the time of retreat. We want to see whether it is through that God is truly with us in our concrete circumstances and that God will show us a way to live joyfully in the midst of our imperfect and sinful realities. This is the real victory of the Christian that they are able to proclaim the Good News in the midst of their adversities and not apart from it! That we all come to discover the mysterious inner reality of the Christian life, the great paradox – in my weakness is the strength of Christ made manifest! As we pray the novena to the Holy Spirit this week in anticipation of Pentecost, let us keep in mind the reason we do so – to permeate and radiate the spirit of the Risen Lord in our world today. Christ is Risen and ascended! Truly He is Risen!

Action: Today I will fervently pray the Novena to the Holy Spirit to shed light on my life (I journal: What phrase touched me today? What is Jesus inviting me to live today? I ask for a specific grace for today.)

 1 studylight.org/commentaries/dsb/john-17.html

Source: csctr.net/meditations/


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