Thursday of the 5th Week of Easter

  • John 15:9-11
  • Joy in Christ

OTHER HOMILY SOURCES from Fr. Mariel Sarez

2015 Stay connected to Christ—priest

PARAÑAQUE City, May 4, 2015—In an age when “interconnectedness” means little more than logging into one’s favorite social media site, a Catholic priest puts God back into the equation, reminding the faithful to always keep themselves connected to Christ.

Elaborating on the Scriptural readings yesterday, May 3, Fr. Mariel Sarez invited parishioners of St. Andrew’s Cathedral in Parañaque City to “remain in Jesus as He remains in us,” and to reflect on the Gospel passage that “Christ is the true vine and we are His branches.”

Nothing without Christ

“We cannot do anything without Christ. It is important that we have connection with God,” he said, highlighting the importance of connection in a time when communication ironically prevents many from having genuine and deeper relationships with others.

Sarez explained being connected with Chirst means as much as being connected to one’s neighbors, stressing the duty of Christians to “love one another as Jesus loves them,” and to obey His commandments.

According to him, all those who profess belief in Jesus must each be a “loving person,” stating there is real connectivity only when each one feels for the others.

Emotion to action

“Love is not just an emotion. It must translate into actions,” said the priest, noting how God desires all His children to have life, as well as to “bear much fruit.”

“We have seen flowers made of plastic. No doubt they are just as colorful. In fact, they never wilt. But they also lack life and fragrance,” Sarez said.

“If we isolate ourselves from the community, from the Church, from the family, the world will be a mistake. No man is an island. No person lives only for himself,” he added. (Raymond A. Sebastián/CBCP News)



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