Thursday of the Octave of Easter

  • Luke 24:35-48
  • The Appearance to the Disciples in Jerusalem


2018 Reflection – April 5, 2018

Pamela Hegarty

ND Parent

“Peace be with you.”

These are four simple words from a Gospel passage that is one of the most compelling and provocative in the whole Bible. In this passage, Jesus has risen from the dead. He has come to his disciples so they may witness to the Scriptures being fulfilled, as he promised. This is the foundation of our faith. But those four simple words—“Peace be with you”—resonate with me.

Jesus’ disciples had doubts and fears—Luke tells they were “terrified.” We’re in the same boat—when we lose a loved one, doubts inevitably arise. We dearly miss the person who has passed. How can we be sure that there is a heaven and a life after death?

The only way to believe is to hear and accept what Jesus teaches us. The signs are not as clear as Jesus returning and speaking and eating with us as he did with his disciples. But if we are open to belief, signs appear in dreams, in nature, in Scripture, in our interaction with others, or simply in feeling a loved one’s presence.

When we greet each other at Mass with Jesus’ words, “Peace be with you,” what are we really saying? In one way, we are admitting that life isn’t always easy, that we all face challenges, that we will experience love and loss. But also we are acknowledging that our belief and faith will keep us strong.

Even in death, we need not fear. Peace be with you.



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