Thursday of the Octave of Easter

  • Luke 24:35-48
  • The Appearance to the Disciples in Jerusalem


2018 Daily Gospel Reflection for April 5, 2018


As I reflected on this gospel, my first impressions were about the disciples initially awestruck, thinking Jesus could be a ghost, and Jesus saying “Peace be with you”. I recalled the few times in my life where I’ve actually felt Jesus’ presence when looking upon another human. Sometimes, when looking at a loved one, giving care to a person in need, or on the birth of a baby, God reveals His presence to us and we are awestruck.

Then the disciples were frightened and doubts arose. How easy it is for us to become anxious in the midst of the blessing of being in God’s presence.

As I meditated more, it struck me – why would it be important to discuss that Jesus ate? Obviously, being known to them in the breaking of the bread is significant because of the Eucharistic meaning. The importance of eating the broiled fish passed me by.

By Jesus eating the fish, He helped them to understand his actual presence. I thought of how many cultures (including my own background) consider food and eating a huge part of any celebration or any big event. What is easily understood to most humans? Food. Jesus was reaching the disciples through His humanity on a simple level through eating the fish.

The passage ends with a reminder of all that Jesus has fulfilled – the psalms, the law of Moses and the prophets all foreshadowed the dtory of Easter. “Thus it is written, that the Messiah is to suffer and to rise from then dead on the third day, and that repentance and forgiveness of sins is to be proclaimed in his name to all nations, beginning from Jerusalem. You are witnesses of the things.” Think of the awesomeness of Jesus – here we are two thousand years later, and the name of Jesus is proclaimed throughout the world. We are still called to understand and share His word, to serve the poor and see Him in others today.

Ponder: How do you identify with this reading? Have you had a moment where you have seen Jesus in another person? Have you had time where you were speechless and amazed at His presence? Has Jesus opened your mind to understand the scriptures?

Pray: Lord, help me to recognize You and rejoice and be amazed by Your presence. Help me to be open to Your voice and to understand the scriptures and to see You in all who I meet.


2020 Daily Gospel Reflection for April 16, 2020


Today’s Gospel: Luke 24:35-48

If there is one thing missing in our world today, it’s peace. Amid a global pandemic, international conflicts, inter-religious conflicts, political campaigns, natural disasters, immoral lifestyles, broken families, and our own inner turmoil, many of us feel that peace is out of reach, yet we long for it.

It appears contradictory that the disciples would be in such turmoil after Jesus had raised from the dead. Shouldn’t they be elated? Their leader and friend who had died was now alive again! Yet they were terrified, all huddled together in hiding. They had no clue what had just happened. They didn’t understand it. How could they feel that burning in their hearts once again, that feeling of being so alive in His presence? Where could they find that peace?

The simple answer is, they couldn’t. Because peace does not come from our own efforts, from what we do or do not do, from how stressful our life is or is not, with how many overwhelming conflicts occur all around us. Rather, peace comes from God. In Him and with Him alone will we find peace.

A close friend once shared about a near-death experience he had as a teenager. In the middle of an appendectomy, his heart stopped. His spirit hovered over his body briefly and then soared heavenward where he saw his life flash before him in a tunnel and then glimpsed the silhouette of Jesus as he walked toward the light. Then, just as quickly, he was revived and awoke at the hospital. Almost 25 years later, he still remembers the peace he felt in that instant, the incredible peace being in the presence of God. He didn’t want to come back.

In God alone is our peace. Let us all hear Him speak to our hearts today, “Peace be with you.”

(Peace comes from God. In Him and with Him alone will we find peace. #dailygospel By @mentions)

Ponder: Where do I often seek peace of my own accord? Has it brought me the profound peace I long for?

Pray: Lord, in the midst of the conflict and stress today may bring, grant me Your peace.


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