A Pilgrimage to the Marian and Eucharistic Miracle Shrines of Western Europe

Date: 12OCT (Wednesday). NICE – PADUA. (Day 10)

A wake up call was made at 7AM; breakfast and luggage were at 7:30AM. The temperatureimg_20161012_084129 during this morning was at 2*C and the window of our hotel room was moistened.

After breakfast we went to the Basilica of the Assumption for our 9:30AM Mass which I presided. The Basilica is near to our hotel and just a few minute walk. After the Mass, together with Fr. Joemer Candido, we went to Misako and bought a bag worth 21,99 Euro.

We left Mercure Hotel, Nice, France at around 10:30AM bound for Padova (Padua), Italy the oldest city in northern Italy. While on our way to Padova, we prayed the Morning Prayer. After praying the Morning Prayer, Bible bullets were distributed and I got this one: “My child, hold on to your wisdom and insight. Never let them get away from you,” (Psalm 3:21). The bus stopped in a gasoline station (Total Access – Nice, France) and then left at 11:11AM. The distance between Nice, France and Padova, Italy is 544.2 kilometers (or more or less 5 hours and 40 minutes of driving).

From Nice, France to Padova, Italy we passed by Monaco. Monaco is a sovereign city-state and microstate, located on the French Riviera in Western Europe. France borders the country on three sides while the other side borders the Mediterranean Sea. Monaco has an area of 2.02 km2 (0.78 sq mi) and a population of about 37,800; it is the second smallest and the most densely populated country in the world. Monaco has a land border of 4.4 km (2.7 mi), a coastline of 4.1 km (2.5 mi), and a width that varies between 1,700 and 349 m (1,859 and 382 yd). The highest point in the country is a narrow pathway named Chemin des Révoires on the slopes of Mont Agel, in the Les Révoires Ward, which is 161 meters (528 feet) above sea level. Monaco’s most populous Quartier is Monte Carlo and the most populous Ward is Larvotto/Bas Moulins. Through land reclamation, Monaco’s land mass has expanded by twenty percent. Monaco is known as a playground for the rich and famous, due to its tax laws. In 2014, it was noted about 30% of the population was made up of millionaires, similar to Zürich or Geneva. But sad to note, Monaco was not included in our itinerary.

img_20161012_130216-thosbis-my-lunch-here-sy-autogrill-spa-ceriale-sud-before-paduWhile on our way to Padova, we passed by 13 tunnels up to Monaco; 6 tunnels up to the Italian boundary at 11:56AM. Another 57 tunnels before our stopover in an autogrill in Ceriale Sud at 1:54PM. From this Ceriale Restaurant we passed another 70 tunnels. The longest tunnel that we passed by was at around 2 kilometers. While on our way to Padova from this place, Monty, our tour leader shared broken marriage for 6 years. I admired of what he said: “Pag on fire yong isa, fire extinguisher naman yong isa.”

I noticed that only cargo trucks drivers were alone while traveling. There were no other assistants. Vacant lands were planted with trees. What a beautiful place.

We had another stopover in a place called Scaba SNC, Gredi Est at 4:53PM for our toilet break in a certain restaurant. And then we left this restaurant at 5:39PM bound for Padova/Padua, Italy.

After our stopover, several minutes after, we encountered traffic jam on the super highway because there were some road repairs made by the government. I remembered Manila because of this traffic jam. The traffic jam started at 6PM and ended at 7:52PM.

We are still on our road to Padova, Italy at 8:10PM. Our tour bus from Portugal had an aircon and at the same time a heater as well. The superhighway had lights. Every Italian word I encountered along the highway, I looked its meaning from the Italian dictionary in my cellular phone.

Fifty minutes after the traffic jam, another two tunnels we passed by.

img_20161012_212042-crowne-plaza-hotel-padua-italyWe arrived in Padova, Italy, in our hotel, at around 9:03PM. The name of the hotel was Crowne Plaza Hotel; checked in and have our dinner at 9:30PM with bola-bola and puree (potato), etc. But we were not able to have leisure time because we were tired. Just imagine ten hours of travel, minus the two hours of traffic and 1 and a half hour of lunch and merienda time.

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