Thursday after Epiphany

Thursday after Epiphany

Luke 4:14-22

Jesus in Nazareth

What was the main reason of our God in creating us? Do we know it? As He grew up, Jesus understood that He had a big mission to do in this life. He was chosen to give meaning and to fulfill the prophecy of the prophet Isaiah in today’s gospel, that is, to preach the good news to the poor. Just like Jesus, each one of us was born into this world with a divine purpose. We are not in this world without a cause.

I read this story of a father who told his son: “My son let us pray to God that God may give money to our neighbor so that they can buy medicine.” After a short while, this little boy answered back his father: “Father let us not disturb God. Let us be the one to give money to our neighbor so that they can buy medicine.”

In spite of his young age, this little boy knew his mission in this world. Our mission in this world is to preach Jesus and His gospel as well as the promotion of the values of the Kingdom of God to all people so that they may become disciples of Jesus. To know, to love, and to serve God are the main reasons why God created us. Let us make these main reasons as our motto in life.

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