Canon 1708-1712



Can.  1708 The cleric himself, the ordinary to whom the cleric is subject, or the ordinary in whose diocese the cleric was ordained has the right to challenge the validity of sacred ordination.

Can.  1709 §1. The libellus must be sent to the competent congregation which will decide whether the congregation of the Roman Curia itself or a tribunal designated by it must handle the case.

  • 2. Once the libellus has been sent, the cleric is forbidden to exercise orders by the law itself.

Can.  1710 If the congregation refers the case to a tribunal, the canons on trials in general and on the ordinary contentious trial are to be observed unless the nature of the matter precludes it and without prejudice to the prescripts of this title.

Can.  1711 In these cases the defender of the bond possesses the same rights and is bound by the same duties as the defender of the marriage bond.

Can.  1712 After a second sentence has confirmed the nullity of sacred ordination, the cleric loses all rights proper to the clerical state and is freed from all obligations.

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