Monday of the Octave of Easter

Matt 28:8-15

The Resurrection of Jesus: The Report of the Guard


Bishop Abet Uy DD

Fr. Francisco Bajos


Manila Bulletin

Marino J. Dasmarinas

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Acts 2: 14, 22-33; Mt 28:8-15

My Galilee

In today’s Gospel reading we have a beautiful narration of post Easter experience of some female disciples of Jesus. In the previous passage, the women are informed by the angels that Jesus is risen. “He is not here; he has risen, just as he said.  Go quickly and tell his disciples: He has risen from the dead and is going ahead of you into Galilee. There you will see him.” So the women hurry away from the tomb.

They are filled with two emotions: fear and joy (“afraid yet filled with joy”). They run to tell the news to the disciples. Suddenly Jesus comes in front of them. Seeing him and hearing his greetings they clasp his feet and worship him. This is the first time it is mentioned Jesus is worshipped. It need not be a cultic worship but rather the beginning of acceptance of Jesus in the heart of disciples to god-status. The resurrection raises him to a new status. Jesus also tells them to inform the disciples to go to Galilee and there he would meet them.

This mention of Galilee as the meeting point of post resurrection experiences is worth considering. Galilee is the ‘home turf’ both for Jesus and the disciples. They all hail from there. The mission of Jesus started in Galilee and ended in Judea. “Every thing is over” – that is the thought in the minds of the apostles. What to do next, where to begin anew, whom to consult – these and similar thoughts filled their minds. Here comes Jesus with the simple and single answer: ‘The mission is not yet over. The first phase is over. The second phase is yet to begin and shape. And the beginning point is Galilee.’ How reassuring are these words to them!

The mission of Jesus is to be lived and practiced at the home turf. Do not wait for the “appointed” time. The time is here and now! The place is here and now! Your home, your work place, your communities – that is the place where the Jesus – experience is to be practiced and lived. That is where Jesus is to be proclaimed. As the women at the tomb are commissioned to go and proclaim to the disciples that Jesus is risen, each one of us is commissioned by Jesus to practice experiencing the resurrected Jesus at “Galilee” – the home turf. And sure He is going ahead of us there and the promise is that he would meet us there!! But what is ‘My Galilee’? Dr.  Martin Mallathu CMI


March 28, 2016

REFLECTION: We all know how the experience of falling in love can change a person drastically. For example, here we have a young man called Raymond. He is nondescript and rather timid, what we call the “mousy” type of person, shy and ineffectual. But one day Raymond falls in love with a girl who returns his love. From then on Raymond loses his grey countenance. He becomes alive, animated. His eyes shine. He laughs and jokes with everybody. He dares do a thousand things he never dared do before. Such is the power of love.

Well, a similar transformation came over Peter and his companions, as we see in today’s first reading. Only a few minutes before, Peter was holed up in the upper room, with doors locked “for fear of the Jews” (Jn 20:19), afraid for his life like a scared rabbit. But now we see him boldly proclaiming the Resurrection and, even more boldly, accusing the crowd of Jesus’ murder. What changed Peter so radically? Love. The Holy Spirit is essentially the love uniting the Father and the Son. And that eternal love has now invaded Peter’s heart and has changed him forever.

May the same blessed invasion happen to us all!


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