Saturday of the 5th Week of the Year

Mk 8:1-10

The Feeding of the Four Thousand


The story is told about two professional killers waiting to ambush a person who was going to pass by a dark alley at 9pm.

Past 9pm, Professional Killer number one said that their target is late and was wondering what happened, to which Professional Killer number two retorted: “Oo nga eh, kinakabahan na ako baka may masamang nangyari sa kanya!” (yeah, I’m getting worried, something bad might have happened to him!).

No matter how professional we think we are, we must not forget that we are persons with a heart.

May puso ka ba? (Do you have a heart?)

May puso ka pa ba? (Do you have still a heart?)

Anong klaseng puso mayroon ka? (What kind of heart do you have?)

As Jesus fed the crowd. May we all continue to have generous hearts.

Go back to your heart and there you will find peace.

Wishing us all to have generous hearts. (Fr. Jerry Orbos, SVD Bible Diary 2004)


Reflection: What happened to the crowd after they were fed by Jesus? Perhaps they went back to their respective houses satisfied and spiritually recharged. Did they lead transformed lives? Did they become fervent and true followers of Jesus? Obviously majority of them did not live transformed lives and they did not become full blooded followers. Otherwise they would have not deserted Jesus when He was being persecuted and tortured.

What happens to us after attending Holy Mass where we listen to the words of God and partake of the Body and Blood of Jesus? Do we allow Jesus to transform us every time we listen to His words and every time we receive Him during Holy Communion? His fervent desire is to transform us so that we could become His true followers. This is His desire for us.

But at the end of the day it’s still in our hands we still have the liberty to decide for ourselves. If we become His true followers or not, If we allow His Body and Blood to transform us or not. The choice is ours to take but the wise choice is to allow Jesus to transform us.

Look around and see the lives of those who did not allow Jesus to transform them. Look around and see those who followed in words only. They may be materially wealthy, they may be politically powerful. But do they have peace, do they have serenity in their lives? (Marino J. Dasmarinas)



Reflection for Sunday February 15, Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time; Mark 1:40-45 Reflection: How would you react if we are the leper in the gospel that was healed by Jesus? Should you just keep silent about your miraculous healing or you tell everyone how Jesus healed you? Perhaps you would also spread the good news of your healing from Jesus for this is basic human nature.

The healed leper disobeyed the command of Jesus not to tell anyone of the miracle that he received from Him (Mark 1:44). Did Jesus get angry with his disobedience? Of course not! For Jesus perfectly understands that his disobedience is with a good reason.

The healed leper wanted everyone to know that Jesus heals! The former leper simply wanted to share the good news of his healing so that others could also receive healing from Jesus. Soon enough, the healing that Jesus did for the leper spread like wild fire and as a result of this, people from everywhere went to Jesus.

Have you received a miracle from Jesus? For example healing from your sickness, healing of a family relationship or healing from an emotional spiritual sickness and the like. Don’t keep it within yourself! Spread the good news about the greatest healer who ever walked on this earth; no other than Jesus! – Marino J. Dasmarinas



MANTLE OF PROTECTION – For the man and his wife the Lord God made leather garments, with which he clothed them. – Genesis 3:21

We had just come from the house, slowly turning left on a corner and still praying, when a speeding motorcycle came, his horn blaring and headlight beaming. I frantically prompted my husband to stop. He abruptly stepped on the brakes. The motorcycle barely made it through between our car and an oncoming jeepney!

We shook our head in dismay but immediately thanked God for His protection. We also realized that the motorcycle driver’s mistake was to be righteous rather than courteous, having exercised his right of way perilously.

There are many situations when being right may get us into trouble, if not in danger like in this situation. Because being right is not enough. God protects us with His righteousness in His way, which is the way of love. We had sinned and yet He loved us.

In every situation, consider giving love than being right — just like what Jesus did on the cross. Donna España (

Reflection: When we call upon the name of the Lord, He covers us with His righteousness and saves us.

Thank You, Lord, for teaching us that it is better to love than to be right. Amen.



JUST WAIT – I once saw a poster in an art store that read: “Be the kind of woman who, when your feet hit the floor in the morning, the devil says, ‘Oh no, she’s up.’” When I saw it, I was immediately reminded of a passage we find in today’s First Reading.

Enmity between the devil (serpent) and the woman is a constant theme in the Scriptures. This is because they represent opposite dispositions before God. Before God, the disposition of the serpent was one of impatient grabbing. That was the temptation given to Eve — to grab the divine life from God, symbolized by the tree of knowledge of good and evil. On the contrary, before God, the disposition of the woman, Mary, was receptivity, “I am the maidservant of the Lord, let it be done to me as you say” (Luke 1:38). That is why Mary is honored by tradition with the title, the “New Eve,” for she undid what the old Eve had done.

Why was Mary receptive? Because she knew all along that God does not wish to keep anything from us. We see this in full display in today’s Gospel. Jesus taught the people for practically the whole day. And now it’s time to send them away and give Himself some peace, as suggested by the Apostles. But no. Without prodding, Jesus Himself volunteered that they looked tired and lost, like sheep without a shepherd. He would feed their tired bodies, too. And the miracle of the multiplication of loaves happened.

Though God owes us nothing, He wants to give us everything. He doesn’t even need to be told. We don’t have to grab blessings from God. We only have to trust and be receptive. The problem is, the temptation of the serpent still rings in our hearts. We demand God’s blessings — on our own terms, in our time, and in our own way.

Let us banish the serpent within us. Like Mary, the new Eve, let us be that kind of woman who, when our feet hit the floor in the morning, the devil would say, “Oh no, she’s up.” Fr. Joel Jason

REFLECTION QUESTION: Trust in God’s reason and timing. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are His ways higher than our ways, His thoughts higher than our thoughts.

“Lord, what is man that You care for him, mortal man that You keep him in mind?” Amen.



SATURDAY OF THE 5TH WEEK IN ORDINARY TIME (YEAR B) – MARCOS 8:1-10. Unsa man kining hiyas sa pagka-Responsable? Ang unang pagbasa nagsaysay sa pagpakasala ni Adan ug Eba (Gen. 3:9-24). Sa dihang gipangutana sila sa Dios, walay niangkon sa duha. Si Adan nagpasangil kang Eba, ug si Eba nagpasangil sa bitin. Mao kini ang batasan sa mga tawong iresponsable – dili motuman sa kasugoan ug dili modawat og sayop. Samtang ang tawo nga responsable masaligan, mobuhat sa angay, ug motuman sa katungdanan. Ang ebanghelyo naghatag kanatog ehemplo sa pagkaresponsable diha kang Hesus. Ang mga tawo nga nagsunodsunod kaniya giabot nag kagutom. Ang pinakasayon nga buhaton mao ang pagpapauli sa mga tawo ug pasagdan silang mangitag pagkaon. Apan wala kini buhata ni Kristo. Giatubang niya ang katungdanan, gidasig ang mga tinun-an sa pagpaambit, ug ilang gipakaon ang mga tawo. Posted by Abet Uy



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