Tuesday of the 4th Week of the Year

Mk 5:21-43

Jairus’ Daughter and the Woman with a Hemorrhage


The woman had spent all financial resources he had. She was ritually unclean, an outcast in society. She had nowhere to go. Then she overcame all fears, she risked punishment for touching the cloak of the rabbi. In such a moment she showed a faith she never thought she had. Jesus recognized this by saying, “your faith has saved you.”

Similarly, Jairus is up against the wall. No doctor could save his little daughter. And when the news came that she had died, his faith was tested to the point of breaking. But he trusted. He discovered also that he had a spiritual strength he never thought he had.

Often I asked myself: Why does God not react to my prayers or to the prayers of a person in utter need? It seems that God allows us at times to reach a boundary situation, a point of utter helplessness first to draw out a hidden strength we did not know we had. We have to reach a point when we realize that our own resources cannot bring us further but the faith is still a resource that brings us directly into the saving hand of God. (Fr. Rudy Horst, SVD Bible Diary 2002)


Both Jairus and the woman came to Jesus in need of great assistance. There were no possible remedies to the hemorrhaging woman and Jairus’ twelve-year old daughter who was at the point of death or already dead by the time of Jesus reached their house.

Both came to Jesus with great faith! And they came in their own unique way.

Jairus publicly asked Jesus to come to His house for his daughter. We can presume that his colleagues looked with askance at his behavior for, being a synagogue leader, he should know better than to beg from a questionable prophet of Nazareth. We also understand that any desperate father goes beyond boundaries when his child’s life is at stake.

On the other hand the anonymous hemorrhaging woman surreptitiously touched the tassel of Jesus’ prayer shawl. She came quietly with fear of being exposed because she was ritually unclean. She had nothing to lose, she only had one thing in mind: to beyond her fear and hopelessness.

It is noteworthy to observe how the healings took place. Jesus laid his hands on the dead little girl and said, “Talitha cum!” in the healing of the anonymous woman, Jesus suddenly felt that power came out of him which prompted him to ask, “Who touched my clothes?”

Jesus told Jairus to believe when the people told him not to bother the master because his child was dead. Jesus told the woman who humbly knelt down before Him after the cure, “Your faith has saved you.”

Breaking the taboo of coming near those ritually unclean, Jesus became a witness to their faith while Jairus and the afflicted woman became witnesses to Jesus’ divinity.

No matter what difficulty we are in, whoever we are, whenever we approach Jesus with sincere and honest faith, He comes to us without conditions, in His own wonderful way to save us. He does not only heal us from our physical infirmities, from our shame and guilt and feelings of social insecurities; Jesus comes readily to restore our dignity, unity within our being, unity in the family, in the community and in the whole church and communion with our Creator. Then we too become members of God’s choir in singing: Glory to God on high! (Fr. Ben Limsuan, SVD Bible Diary 2005)


Two daughters in different stages of unwellness. One was near death, the other was near despair from continuous hemorrhage. I had seen them all in the hospital. Today, I am seeing them – beyond a hospital bed. I am seeing them as my sisters with whom I await the Divine Healer to restore them to wellness them once again.

I have sisters all over the world who undergo near-death experiences, not only once or twice, but as often as they give birth to a child. The risks are high when they are poor and do not have the benefit of medical services. And worse, they do not want or are not want ready for the coming of their child. I have sisters who are bleeding, weeping and suffering without letup from the hands of those who have vowed to cherish and protect them ‘til death. Some are bleeding under unjust employment and practices. Yet, they hardly have a choice. I have sisters who are regarded merely as lifeless blebs of blood in their mother’s womb and nothing more; no dignity to speak of. Someone can decide at what time their life will end. They remain unknown, undefended, unloved.

Now that I remember them in prayer, I watch Jesus take them by the hand and restore them, “I tell you to get up.” Jesus, Word of God, lead each one of us to fullness of life. (Sr. Ancille Elvena, SSpS Bible Diary 2009)


The two separate accounts of healing in today’s gospel are constant reminders that the most important element in the process of healing is the mutual relationship between our faith and God’s grace. In my six years of ministerial priesthood, I have heard several accounts of healing which is often attributed to one’s faith. But I believe that there are three imminent sources of one’s healing. But I believe that there are three imminent sources of our healing. First of these sources is the sick person’s deep-seated faith. In Jesus’ healing ministry, he would always say: “Your faith has saved you.” These are the very exact words uttered by Jesus when he healed the woman afflicted with hemorrhage. Despite the many obstacles she encountered the woman was persistent enough, that touching Jesus’ cloak would bring her complete healing. It was granted to her because Jesus saw how firm her faith was. That is why when we ask God the grace of healing, we should also ask ourselves first, how firm is our faith in the healing providence of God?

Second, a person is healed not only because of his/her faith but because there are people who constantly pray for that person. In other words, a person is healed because of the faith of those who care and love him/her. This is best exemplified in the account where the paralytic person was brought by his friends to Jesus by making a hole in the roof (Mk 2:1-12). Jesus saw “their faith” that is why He healed the paralytic person. This reminds us that whenever we have prayer intentions we should not hesitate to ask our friends, members of our family, relatives, officemates, co-workers and if possible all people whom we know to pray for us (because as mentioned earlier) God does not only consider our personal faith but also the faith of people who care and love us.

Last but not the least consideration of healing would be God’s will and providence. In most cases a person is freed from any form of illness because he/she has experienced the healing grace of God. Like the daughters in today’s gospel, both of them were healed because Jesus wants them to experience the healing grace of God. He desired that both of them be freed from their illnesses to remind the people that He is the fountain of all grace. Thus, whenever we are sick – be it physical, emotional, intellectual, moral and spiritual – we should offer it to God because He alone can make everything well (Fr. Roger Solis SVD Bible Diary 2013)


PAGNINILAY: Kahapon ay nabasa natin ang mga pagpapagaling na ginawa ng Panginoon ng Kanyang paalisin ang mga masasamang espirito sa isang lalaki sa Gerasenes. Ngayon naman, ang pagpapagaling sa isang babae na matagal ng may karamdaman at ang pagbuhay sa anak ni Jairus, isang namumuno sa sinagoga.

Kung babasahin nating mabuti ang Ebanghelyo sa araw na ito (Mark 5:21-43), kapwa lumapit ang dalawa kay Hesus. Pareho silang may sadya: si Jairus, upang ipakiusap na pagalingin ang anak, samantalang ang babae ay nais namang gumaling sa kanyang sakit. Hindi alintana ni Jairus ang maaring panlilibak sa kanya ng mga kakilala. Alam natin ang pagkamuhi sa Kanya ng ilan. Hindi niya pansin kung may masabi man ang iba pa niyang mga kasama kung bakit siya hihingi ng tulong sa isang ‘karpintero’. Nanalig siya at naniwala na magagawa ito ni Hesus. Kalat na ang balita sa mga milagro na nagagawa ng karpinterong ito na taga Nazareth. Ilang sandali pa ay nakarating sa kanila ang balitang patay na ang anak niya. Muli ang kanyang pananampalataya ay nasubok. Maaring nanlumo itong si Jairus (natural lamang lalo na kung sabihan kang patay na ang anak mo) ngunit sinabihan siya ni Hesus na huwag matakot, kundi maniwala. Sumunod si Jairus.

Ang babae naman na matagal ng dinurugo ay halos maubos na ang pera sa pagpapagamot. Hindi siya gumagaling, bagkus, lumala pa. Kahit sinong babae ang tanungin natin, napakahirap ng ganitong situwasyon. Narinig ng babaeng ito ang mga pagpapagaling ni Hesus, at ang dating suko na ay muling nabuhayan ng pag-asa. Pumunta siya kung saan naruon si Hesus, sumunod, nakipagsiksikan, at humawak sa kanyang damit. Mababasa natin na inisip ng babae na kahit mahawakan man lang niya ang bahagi ng suot ni Hesus ay gagaling siya. Nuon, ang isang babae na may buwanang dalaw ay itinuturing na madumi . Kung abnormal naman ang pagdurugo, patuloy siyang itinuturing na madumi hanggat hindi ito nawawala (mababasa natin ito sa Leviticus 15: 19-25.) Papaano pa kaya kung 12 taon ng dinurugo? (Sobrang dumi na ang turing siguro!). Kaya kahit siksikan, kahit ang turing sa kanya ay isang madumi, lumapit siya sa Panginoon.

Inilarawan sa ating mabuti ng detelyado ang pagbasang ito at marami tayong mapagninilayan. Ilan na sa atin ang nakaranas na o dumaraan ngayon sa matinding karamdaman. Lahat tayo ay namatayan na at alam natin na darating ang panahon na mamamatay din tayo. Ang tanong: paano ba natin ito tinatanggap? Nagagalit ba tayo o nagtatanong sa Diyos kung ang ating mga kahilingan ay tila hindi Niya tinutugunan? Tayo ba ay lumalapit kay Hesus ng may umaasang pananampalataya o tayo ba ay nagdududa pa? Makikita natin sa dalawa ang kanilang malaking PANANAMPALATAYA. Sila ay UMASA kay Hesus. At nakita natin ang personal na pagtutok ni Hesus sa bawat-isa, ang Kanyang PAGMAMAHAL. Handa ang Panginoon na tugunan ang ating mga hinaing, ang ating mga pangangailangan, at handa Siyang pagalingin tayo sa anumang karamdaman. Kung ano man ang mga pagsubok na ating dinaraanan, nawa ay mabuksan ang ating mga puso upang ang mga pagsubok na ito ay maging makabuluhang hamon sa atin at lalo pa nating mahalin ang Diyos ng buong-buo at bukas-loob nating mapagsilbihan ang ating kapwa lalo na ang mga nangangailangan. Panghuli, ang pangungusap na binitawan ni Hesus kay Jairus ay palagi nating isa-isip at isa-puso: “Do not fear, only believe.” Magandang araw po sa inyong lahat…(paul)


My Reflection: Who is Jesus to us? Jairus whose daughter was at the point of death and the woman who had been bleeding for twelve long years obviously knew that Jesus was a healer. This was primarily the reason why during their time of need they obviously went to Jesus.

But did they know that Jesus was also the Son of God who was sent by God the Father to ransom us from original sin? Perhaps they did not know about the divine personality of Jesus. And perhaps they did not know also that Jesus was sent to this world so that we may live and have life.

Some of us know about the divine healing power of Jesus. Some of us also know that Jesus is the Son of God who was sent to this world so that we may live and have life.  Some of us also know that to live life without Jesus in our lives is pointless. We may have all the wealth and power in this world but it amounts to nothing if Jesus is not in our lives.

What will remain? It’s our faith in Jesus, the same faith that Jairus and the sick woman had. Let us therefore share this faith so that though us others may know Jesus.

Have we already shared our faith in Jesus?  (Marino J. Dasmarinas)

Source: mjdasma.blogspot.com/2014/02/my-reflection-for-tuesday-february-4.html


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