Friday of the 4th Week of the Year

  • Mk 6:14-29
  • The Death of John the Baptist

OPTION 1: If we see new faces in our places, we immediately say: “Who is this guy? He is handsome. He sings well. He dances well.” This is what happened also to Jesus in our gospel today. Jesus was well-known in his place and this news reached to King Herod. King Herod commented: “Whose John the John the Baptist, I beheaded him?”

Why John the Baptist beheaded by King Herod? It is because he made a promise. Promise, according to him, is not meant to be broken. As we usually heard that promise is made to be broken. But for Herod, it is not. It has to be fulfilled even at the expense of other people.

This is also what happened to us, because we are afraid that our reputation will be destroyed, we have to push through with what we have planned even though others will be affected and destroyed on the process. We are afraid that some of our friends, business partners and others will get lost.


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