Friday of the 34th Week of the Year

Luke 21:29-33

The Lesson of the fig Tree

Three kinds of presences about the Kingdom of God we learn from this gospel parable of the fig tree:

First, the Kingdom of God is already present among us. The Kingdom of God is not something far from us but “is among us,” (Luke 17:21). When we pray well, show charity, speak well of others, the Kingdom is present among us. The Kingdom is very much present wherever the values of the Gospel are being lived but it will not be fully realized until the very end when all are gathered in Him; when all undertakes God’s command to bear fruit so us to win His friendship. This is because God wishes us to improve, to work for Him, to seek to love Him in prayer. God also calls us to live life to its fullest and to undertake its battles without panic or lose hope or adopt a pessimistic attitude. It is because God is sure that we will face difficult times in living our Christian lives. Actually some of us have already experienced difficult times and challenges of life. How to go through with this difficult times and challenges of life? Bishop Socrates Villegas DD in his book, Love Like Jesus (p. 48), tells us about three recommendations God wants us to do during the difficult moment of our lives. He said:

One, face it. Difficult moment will run ahead of us if we deny and run away from it but rather, face this difficult moment. Denying and running away from it will not help at all.

Two, remember the victorious moments of the past. God gives us the gift to remember and so let us remember those little victories, successes, triumphs in the past. This is because those victories in the past will give us courage to go on at the present moment.

Three, have trust in the Lord. The antidote to fear is not courage but trust. When we are afraid as we go through with these difficult times and we are afraid, take not only courage but have trust in Him. We must not depend solely on ourselves but we must trust in Him.

Second, the coming of God’s Kingdom inaugurates a new presence of God in the world, a presence in “spirit and in truth”. We see God´s will and how He works in the circumstances of our daily life because of our faith. Without faith, our life is devoid of meaning and message. In other places where four types of seasons of the year are present, the gradual change of climate, the budding of the trees, and so forth, were all indicators that summer was not far away. All that is needed is to be attentive to the signs and know what they mean. God´s working in the world and our lives is much the same. We won´t see God directly but the signs of His presence are unmistakable.

Third, Christ’s presence and His word are the greatest security in life. Everything we hold and cling to in this world will, one day all of them, vanish like: family, home, health, freedom to move, reason and so on. Heaven and earth will pass away. But His words, promise and love will never pass and continue to live on in us. They are the foundation of the greatest security in life. The disciple who lives by them will never be left wanting or in distress.

And so out of love for God and His Kingdom, let us do something concrete to spread knowledge of Him today.

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