Monday of the 33rd Week of the Year

Luke 18:35-43

The Healing of the Blind Beggar

A source said that 80% of our works depends on our eyes. 80% is rather a big chunk of activities that means that totally blind people have an output of only 20% with regard to work. This means that for the blind people: goodbye outdoor sports; goodbye job opportunities because they have a limited number of them; goodbye cross stitching; goodbye movies and swimming; goodbye malling and so on and so forth.

The blind man, in today’s gospel, asked Jesus to be healed most probably because he missed to enjoy the things mentioned above due his defect but was silenced. “The people in front scolded him and told him to keep quiet but he shouted all the more: “Son of David have pity on me.” Jesus saw the obvious need of the blind and said, “Receive your sight. Your faith has saved you.”

A blind that could not see is a fact. But even if he could not see with his naked eyes but he could see with his loving heart. Spiritually, we too, are blinds because we have complete eyes to see but we don’t like to look. We are playing blinds because we don’t want to see the needs of others just like the people in today’s gospel. We see children begging for food and money in the streets for survival and we say to ourselves: “They are run by syndicates.” And who are those people we do not like to see? Who are those people we play blind to? Bishop Soc Villegas said that God gave us eyes so that we can see. God gave us a heart so that we can see better. Let us use them all the time.

At the end let us reflect this I Wanted to See Jesus Today by Maria Carey:

I wanted to see Jesus today. I saw the old man instead standing by the pump at the gas station. We said hello to each other as we shared our smiles and left on our way.

I wanted to see Jesus today. I saw the most delightful little child with his mother and she was so sweet to him at the Wal-Mart. I smiled at each and the little fella reached out to touch my arm and my heart as I said, “Hello, little one.” He laughingly, fled away. I stood there smiling and beaming from the purest and sweetest touch of innocence.

I wanted to see Jesus today. I saw the old lady, a bent figure with curved spine holding two very heavy shopping bags. She looked so tired. I watched as she tried to cross the street. I was afraid she wouldn’t make it as I said, “Let me carry those things for you” and she did. We made it across the street and I carried those bags up 3 full blocks right to her doorstep. She thanked me and I felt so good.

I wanted to see Jesus today. I saw the man at the train station, he asked for spare change and I looked at him. Without thought of what he would do with the change, I gave it to him. I did so with a prayer and blessing. Then I left and caught the train home. You see I really wanted to see Jesus today and He really wanted to see me too.

It was then that I realized that we had seen each other all throughout the day. He was inside a different shell each time that I saw Him but it was He. His face and expressions would be different each time but He was always the same. He wanted to see me and know what I would do each time that I met Him.

You see I really did want to see Jesus today and I did see Him clearly all the daylong.

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