Thursday of the 25th Week of the Year

Luke 9:7-9

Herod’s Opinion of Jesus

This gospel text is one of the short gospel passages that we read during the celebration of the Holy Eucharist. There are only three verses which are about some rumors or gossips about Jesus that made King Herod wondered. Where is the good news?  I think the last sentence can lead us to the message of the good news that we are looking for: “And he (Herod) kept trying to see Him (Jesus).”

Another known personality who tried to see Jesus was Zaccheus, the chief tax collector of Jericho. He wanted, maybe, to make Jesus as his friend because Jesus is known to be the friend of tax collectors (Luke 7:34) and asked Him tell him on how to find his way back to God. When he met Jesus personally, he underwent a deep conversion.

On the other hand, King Herod wanted to see Jesus too out of curiosity. But he was not interested in seeing whether Jesus was truly a prophet, perhaps even the Messiah. When he met Jesus personally, he was glad. He was glad of what? Was he glad about the forgiveness of sins, the laws forbidding incest because he was living in with the wife of his brother or about the conditions for entrance into God’s Kingdom? These were not the things that made him glad. But he was longing to see Jesus perform some magic, (Luke 23:8). Unlike Zaccheus who seek God, he was not seeking God but he was seeking to be entertained by Jesus.

Fr. Rudy Horst, SVD, in his homily, told that there are some Christians who seem to reflect Herod’s attitude. Yes, what Fr. Horst said is true because there are many people like Herod who are interested in Jesus, only as a curiosity, or they just go with the crowd. They go to church only when there is something going on, like Christmas, Good Friday or fiesta. To do what the church teaches, forget it. But there are other people who really wish to see Jesus also, only they don’t know how to get close to Him.

He continued to say that the remarks of a journalist struck him. This journalist admitted that he didn’t go to church frequently, but he attacked the church’s present guidance concerning the immorality of certain political issues. Like Herod, he was not interested in the teachings of the church from Pope John XXIII down to Pope John Paul II concerning the church as moral conscience of a nation and her obligation to stand up for truth and morals.

On our part, what is our interest in Jesus like? Is it shallow, merely a curiosity to know him historically? Do we seek to know Jesus as Savior, as Lord, as the Son of God? What does Jesus mean to us in our everyday lives? Is Jesus real to us, not only as the Risen Lord in heaven, but in the Eucharist, in the Gospels, in the Church, in people? What would we answer if a non-Christian asked us: “Who is this man, about whom I have heard all these reports?”

In answer to these questions, somebody said: “As we live our lives daily, we meet different kinds of people, the bored, the indifferent and the hopeful. As Christians, it is our task to introduce Christ to all of them and help them to enjoy the peace of the Truth of Christ. In order to do this, we must know Christ very well, ourselves. Let us enrich ourselves with the knowledge of God so that we may also tell others of Him.”

Why and how and when does God take delight in you? What is it about you that God loves? What do you do that makes God laugh?

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