Thursday of the 22nd Week of the Year

Luke 5:1-11

The Call of Simon the Fisherman

Do you know what EDSA mean? Many of us would answer, ‘Epifanio delos Santos Avenue.’ And what is the English translation of Epifanio delos Santos? The English translation is: ‘Revelation/Manifestation of the Saints.’ As we all know that EDSA is the battleground of two non-violent revolutions where people gathered together for peace, freedom and liberation from oppression, exploitation and slavery done by few people with vested interests. But saints, those who are already in heaven now, had manifested in their lives on earth the things that God wants us to do:

First, the saints manifested their obedience to God or their availability to do God’s will and the readiness to follow His directives. Just like St. Peter, when Jesus commanded him to put out into the deep his nets he obeyed. He said, “At your command, I will lower the nets.” By the way, the late Pope John Paul II, at the end of the great Jubilee year 2000, wrote an Apostolic Letter to map out the journey of the Church into the 21st century. He introduced a theme he would repeat time and again until his death: “Duc in altum – Put out into the deep!” These are the words of Jesus in today’s gospel to tired Simon Peter that I just quoted. Peter trustingly obeyed what the Lord had said. This is a great reminder to each one of us that we must be obedient and trusting in the Lord. After we have done our best, then let us say to God: “Lord, we will leave you the rest.” A song sung by Don Moen is good for reflection with regards to this idea of leaving the rest to God. The song says: “God will find a way when it seems there is no way…and if there is no way, He will make a way for you.” If we are obedient and trusting to the Lord, there is always a way, in His own time and according to His way.

Second, the saints manifested their collaboration with God. The saints were collaborators because they were passing on the authentic teaching of Christ to others. Each of the saints strived to hear correctly what is being passed on to them and then make sure that they passed it on faithfully to the next person. In the case of St. Peter, it is clear that Simon Peter collaborated in the Work of the Lord Jesus. This was truly the role and the mission of Peter. The Lord Jesus wanted to perform this miracle in order for Simon Peter to finally understand what the Lord expected of him.

To hear faithfully the message of Christ means to do everything possible to improve our understanding of the Good News that Jesus brought to the world. Here the Bible is of supreme importance. We need to do all we can to improve our Bible reading habits and skills. Let us join Parish Bible study groups because these are very helpful in this regard. The ability to read and understand the Bible is of supreme importance because, as St Jerome said, “Ignorance of the Scriptures is ignorance of Christ.”

Are we faithfully passing on the message of Christ to our people today? To answer this question we need first to ask ourselves: How faithful are we in hearing the message of Christ? How effective are we in passing it on to others?

Today’s Readings:  Year I,   Year II

OPTION  01,   02,   03,

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