Ex 19:2-6; Rom 5:6-11; Matt 9:36-10:8

We all know that the meaning of the word Gospel is Good News. That’s why someone said:

You are writing a gospel, A Chapter each day, By the deeds that you do, And the word that you say. Men read what you write. If it’s false or it’s true. Now what is the gospel according to you?

Saints Matthew, Mark, Luke and John have their own understanding of what gospel is all about according to what they experienced.

In our gospel today Jesus appoints twelve of His disciples as His apostles. But St. Peter also writes: “You are a chosen race a royal priesthood…” (1Pt 2:9). In other words, everybody, without exemption, is called to be preachers and missionaries of the gospel.

Sometimes in the past, the work of evangelizing or sharing our faith by preaching was regarded as belonging only to bishops, priests and religious. The lay people were expected to just say, ‘amen’ and to ‘pray, pay and obey.’ One writer compared our Church, many years ago, to a ship. The captain of the ship was the Pope. The officers were the bishops and the crewmembers were the priests. What was the role of the lay people? The lay people were viewed as paying passengers. They had no active role in the ship which is the Church.

But now, there is a great change. We are going back once again to the early Christian idea that the Church is a Christian community of brothers and sisters all dedicated to the same work and all cooperating closely and together. We are on the age on the empowerment of the lay people. Each must contribute in his/her own way to the common good of his/her parish, community, Basic Christian Community and organization.

But how can we become missionaries and preachers in this troubled situation of ours?

First, to get involved in renewal movements like Samaria Cursillo, Parish Renewal Experience (PREX), Marriage Encounter and many more.

Second, be involved in social action apostolate of our diocese and parish like justice and peace, crusade against injustices or oppression or corruption.

Third, to help in the Christian formation of the people by becoming catechists, lay cooperators, lay liturgists, KRISKA Alagads, members of parish Speakers’ Bureau (PSB), Family and Life workers and many more.

Fourth, to become lay missionary volunteers like what Philippine lay Missionary Program in Davao City or raise funds for our missionaries.

Fifth, join church organizations like Knight of Columbus, Catholic Women’s League, Legion of Mary and many others.

Lastly, everyone is called to share his or her 3 Ts (Time, Talent and Treasure) no matter how small it may seem. Be good examples to all. As somebody had said that good example helps people, bad example breaks them.

A famous actor narrated that when he was a young boy, his father told him not to go to beer houses because there are naked women dancing there. When he asked, “Why?” his father told him: “You would see things that you should not see.” The moment he got money he went straight to a beer house. He later said: “My father was right. I saw something I should have not seen – I saw my father!”

People learn about God and His Gospel not because they can unravel the mystery of the Trinitarian God or they are well versed with the Bible. People will know about God from Christ-like people, from Christians who live out the gospel in their lives.

Do you know your mission? What is God’s mission for us?

OPTION  01,   02,   03,   04,

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