Friday of the 10th Week of the Year

2Cor 4:7-15; Matt 5:27-32

Teaching about Adultery and Divorce

The Jews during the time of Jesus and even before He became man, adultery was taken very seriously and given a severe punishment if found guilty. Some punishments were: pouring hot metal down the throat, death by suffocation and others. But these punishments were mostly against females and a little for males.

That is why Jesus in today’s gospel is completely abolishing the custom of a man divorcing his wife by simply giving her a written notice. He even comes to a point that even looking lustfully on a woman the man has already committed adultery with her. Therefore it is not only just a matter that if we commit adultery we violate the Sixth Commandment but even if one has lust for another we violate the Sixth Commandment.

Well anyway, it is possible that infidelity can happen to anyone. And being a religious and a priest like me does not prevent infidelity. Like for example, it was reported that when the late Jimmy Carter was running for president of the United States, he got into trouble for giving an interview with the Playboy Magazine. He was asked whether he ever committed adultery. Carter said, ‘yes.’ Shocked by the response, the interviewer asked for an explanation. Carter acknowledged that in his heart he had lusted after women other than his wife. He had entertained lustful thoughts. True, he did not act on these desires but he considered himself guilty of adultery.

That is why somebody (L.S., Ph.D., Seattle, Spokesman-Review, October 4, 1997) suggested few tips on how to affair-proof one’s marriages. He called them “the four P’s” for prevention:

  1. Be Protective of your marriage. Avoid risky situations such as long lunches with a co-worker or drinks for two after work. Most people do not plan to be unfaithful.
  2. Be Positive. Look for what is right in your spouse and tell him or her daily. People who have love affairs are often looking for appreciation and affirmation.
  3. Be Polite. Always talk to your spouse with respect. Be careful what you say to each other and how you say it. Show courtesy and caring in the way you treat one another.
  4. Be Playful, and make fun, sex, and humor a mainstay in your marriage. Schedule time to play with one another and have a “date night” at least once a week.

At the end, also remember, dear married couples the three words that you should say to one another regularly:

1. “Thank you.” First, thank you to God who choose one among billions for your best and met both of you. Second, thank to your parents, relatives and friends, because they are the person who made you like what you are now. Third, thank you to each other and do not take it for granted.

2) “I am Sorry.” These words are very important when there are conflicts, not to say I am wrong and you are right, but to say I have hurt you or your feeling.

3) “I love you.” Say this also to God, not only to your spouse. Say it to you parents who already sacrificed a lot for you. Say these words to each other.

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