Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion (A Cycle)

Is. 50:4-7; Phil 2:6-11; Matt 27:11-54

Today is Palm Sunday. Palm Sunday (or Passion Sunday) marks the beginning of Holy Week. We walk into the church bearing palm branches or any coconut branches in order to mark the entry of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem where the people put their linens and cut branches when Jesus passed through their way. Then, the gospel on the Passion of Jesus Christ is read.

Some palms are made into shape of crosses; others are just long natural wands. Last year’s leftover palms in church were burned to make ashes for this year’s Ash Wednesday’s ceremony.

Fr. Jerry Orbos, SVD in one of his homilies about this big event in the Church invited those who attended the Mass to take a moment to look at the palm of one’s hands. These palms could be used for loving or for slapping people

He continued that the very same people whom Jesus loved and who waved palms for Him were the very same ones who betrayed Him and who demanded His death with clenched fists.

In contrast, Jesus gives with open hands to us in the Eucharist. Jesus’ love for you and me is total and unconditional. Jesus hands are always open.

Take a moment to look at your hands. As you go through life, are your hands open or are they closed? Open your hands. Open your heart. Open your hand and your heart to God and to people.

The theme for today’s celebration is: Your attitude must be Christ’s. When we talk about attitude, we also talk about people and who they are, because attitude is inseparable from people. Just like what happen in today’s gospel. When the people saw hope that Jesus would lead them to liberation, they shouted: “Hosanna!” But when they saw that Jesus wouldn’t follow their expectations, they shouted: “Crucify Him!” Attitude could not exist without the people and we could not have the knowledge of people without their attitude. Someone says that what you say and do is what you are.

Actually, there are eight types of people with their respective attitudes:

First, people are like wheelbarrows. They don’t go anywhere unless pushed. They are the people who lack initiative, dependent, and no plan for their lives. They are the easy-go-lucky people.

Second, some are like canoes. They need to be paddled. If you do not tell them what to do, they are immobile. You must be always in her/his side to remind or to monitor this person.

Third, some are like kites. You must keep a string on them or else they fly away. Just like the rat, when the cat is away, it goes its way.

Fourth, some are like kittens. They are contented when they are petted and patted. There are some people who need to be appreciated always every time they perform a work. If we cannot, they are discouraged or in other words, attention-seeker.

Fifth, others resemble footballs, no way to tell which way they will bounce next.

Sixth, some are like balloons. They are full of air and ready to blow up. They only see the mistakes in others.

Seventh, some are like neon lights. They flash on and off.

Eighth, there are those few who are like good watches open face, pure gold, quietly busy and full of good works. They are the people who work without expecting any payment or return. They just work and participate without string attach. Just for the greater glory of God.

What are we going to do with the remaining seven types? Even though, how bad a man is, there’s still a spark of goodness found in him which if it can be fanned by the grace of God, it will become a salvation. What we are going to do is to encourage them and to correct even if they don’t listen to us. This is our human nature that we should encourage them to be better persons and not teach them to be bitter. This is the type of attitude that we should develop. Can we do this?

See Today’s Readings:  Cycle A

OPTION  01,   02,   03,   04,

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