Saturday of the 8th Week of the Year

Mk 11:27-33

The Authority of Jesus Questioned

I came across these two rules in my reading: Rule #1: The Boss is always right. Rule #2: When the Boss is wrong, refer to rule #1.

The three component sections of the Sanhedrin are “the chief priests, the scribes and the elders.” They are the supreme religious authority of the Jews. And yet in today’s gospel reading, they are presented as men of bad faith. Their bad faith is seen in their behavior. It is because they are questioning the authority of Jesus to teach, not particularly in the pursuit of wisdom and understanding but to discredit and devalue Jesus. Rather than listen to the wisdom Jesus offers or rejoicing in the healings he performs and the forgiveness he dispenses, they simply ask a question to trap him and discredit all He has done and taught. Jesus turns the situation around by asking them the same question asked of him but about John the Baptist now, if his baptism was of divine origin or simply of human origin. Rather than seek wisdom through Jesus’ question, they simply evaluate the consequences of the possible replies and consequently become trapped by their own question.

Usually, authority is defined as something that causes another person to “do what you want him to do.” Like for example, the 2007 edition of Encarta Dictionaries says that authority is: “the right or power to enforce rules or give orders.” Again the root idea seems to be control or direction of the actions of others.

We see this same idea even in sophisticated examinations of authority. Like for instance, William Oncken, Jr. (Colorado Institute of Technology Journal 22 July 1970 p. 273) gives an analysis of authority that suggests it is comprised of four elements: First is the Authority of Competence: the more competent the other fellow knows you are, the more confident he will be that you know what you are talking about and the more likely he will be to follow your orders, requests, or suggestions. He will think of you as an authority in the matter under consideration and will feel it risky to ignore your wishes.

Second is the Authority of Position: This component gives you the right to tell someone, “Do it or else.” It has teeth. “The boss wants it” is a bugle call that can snap many an office or shop into action.

Third is the Authority of Personality: The easier it is for the other to talk to you, to listen to you, or to work with you, the easier he will find it to respond to your wishes.

Fourth is the Authority of Character: This component is your “credit rating” with other people as to your integrity, reliability, honesty, loyalty, sincerity, personal morals, and ethics. Obviously you will get more and better from a man who has respect for your character than from one who hasn’t.

Besides those in authorities have also a difficulty in letting go of their biases and prejudices against Jesus. They have made up their minds about what the Messiah would be like. Just like them, we act like Katolikong Serado many times in our lives. We close our minds and hearts and will not entertain any other points of view. But today, as somebody said that Jesus challenges us to be more open to others and to God. He says: “Harden not your hearts.” Saint Augustine clearly said too: “Lord you called, you shouted and you broke through my deafness. You flashed, you showed and you dispelled my blindness.”

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