Thursday of the 3rd Week of the Year

Mk 4:21-25

Parable of the Lamp

Jesus in today’s gospel teaches us to let our light shine for the entire world to see so that through us they may come to experience the true freedom as children of God. That is, our practice of Christianity is meant to be seen. It is something that we have to be attested and witnessed to in the presence of others. Our practice of Christianity should always be like a lamp that has to be seen by all. I will invite you to reflect on the words Jesus says, in today’s gospel, to us as His disciples being sent into the world:

First, He says: “Let your light shine. Our faith can be compared to a lamp. Our faith is not merely a private matter or only a real, personal and passionate relationship with Jesus which is only intended to change our own lives but also to transform the world in which we live. So that through this, other people should be so attracted to Jesus because of our authentic living of His Gospel and then they come up to us and ask us why we are so happy. We have to let our light shine every day in order for us to have also a blessed day. And anyway in the end, “what matters most in life is not what we have bought but what we have built; not what we have got but what we have shared; not our success but our significance; not what we have learned but what we have taught; not our competence but our character; not how long we will be remembered but by whom and for what,” according to the text message I received.

Second, He says: “The measure with which you measure will be measured out to you. This means that Jesus is telling us that we will be forgiven based on how far and how depth we forgive others who sin against us. This statement may frighten us to a certain degree but this motivates us to pray more for our enemies and to do good things to those who persecute us. This is how we would want God to deal with us. We cannot expect God to be good to us if we are not good to others, especially those who sin against us. It is like saying: “Lord, forgive me because I have forgiven those who sin against me.” After all, God proves His love for us by dying even if we are sinners. But the text message I received is also interesting for reflection: “The measure of a person is not what he does in Church on Sunday, but rather who he is from Monday to Saturday.”

Third, He says: “To the one who has, more will be given. God likes to receive a high return on His investments. It is called in the business world as Return of Investment (R.O.I.). He wants us to be faithful and make good on our baptismal promises. If we constantly say “yes” to Him, He constantly gives us more and more graces. If we keep using the talents and treasure to build His kingdom, blessings and successes are given by Him as well as bigger crosses. But let us not be afraid because He will never be outdone in His generosity. We should be consoled by trials and tribulations because He only tests those whom He loves (Proverbs 3:12).

And so let us be generous too with all the talents and treasures God has given us to others. Let us be generous with our faith and not be afraid to share it with others. Let us be humble and wise in using all the gifts He has given us so that we can cooperate in establishing God’s kingdom here on earth and the salvation of souls.

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