Friday of the 3rd Week of the Year

Mk 4:26-34

Seed Grows by Itself

One stormy night there was a child knocking at the house of an old woman. The child was very tipsy. The old woman prepared him a glass of milk and knew that his name was Howard. The child was very thankful after drinking it.

After several years the old woman got sick and no one cared for her. She was very sickly. When she was in the hospital, she worried about her hospital bill because she doesn’t have money to pay it.

After her operation, there was a short note beside her table. She was trembling because she was thinking it was already the bill she had to pay. The note said: “Bill was paid in just one glass of milk. Respectfully Yours, Howard Kelly, M.D.” The old woman remembered what she did, and thanked the doctor in the depth of her heart. Is God’s kingdom begins in this situation too?

Today’s two gospel parables, Jesus speaks about the Kingdom of God. He sows the seed of this kingdom more than two thousand years ago as well as in our souls when were baptized many years ago. But has this seed of God’s kingdom grows already in our hearts and souls or not yet? It is because there are still many areas of our lives where Christ does not yet reign but the world and even Satan is still in charge in spite of our praying, reading the bible, attending Masses and etc. But like the seed that grows slowly but steady, this seed of the kingdom is so powerful and nothing can stop it from growing; for its growth is natural and unstoppable as truth as unstoppable because God is guiding its growth. He is in charge of the timetable for the growth and development of the Kingdom in the world and in us. But:

First, so many of us go through life without recognizing the hand of God. Many of us tend to say that the many miracles happen in our lives are just coincidences. But the truth is miracles take place when God’s way coincides with ours. God has given so many graces in our lives and too often we reap the fruits of these graces without taking the time to thank or acknowledge Him. Someone said that we cheat ourselves out of experiencing the closeness and friendship of Our Heavenly Father, who loves to take care of us and give us good things. Sometimes, too, he has to punish us “for our own good.” When this happens we should not resist God’s loving hand, because he prunes those whom he loves so that they will bear even more fruit.

Second, big graces come in small packages. For God’s grace to enter our lives we have to do our little part and come to think about how much of a return we get for this little effort. Like for example the effort to go to the Sacrament of Reconciliation. We drive or ride on a vehicle to the parish, stand in line for 10 minutes, speak with the priest and perform our penance afterwards. After performing all these, God takes our souls from a state of death to a new life and our souls are healed and restored to the beautiful state of grace. God’ graces come to us also because of the little effort we do.

In life we are always sowing seeds by everything we say and do. So let us make sure the fruits we reap come from good deeds we do each day no matter how seemingly small and insignificant they are.

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  1. Mathew Thomas says:

    Very good message

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