Tuesday of the 1st Week of the Year

  • Mk 1:21-28
  • The Cure of a Demoniac

An Unknown Source mentioned about two rules in relation to people in authority that: Rule #1: The Boss is always right. Rule #2: When the Boss is wrong, refer to rule #1.

Jesus, in today’s gospel reading, teaches the people in their synagogue and they were astonished. They were astonished for two reasons: First, they were astonished by His preaching. St. Mark says twice that Jesus speaks “with authority.” “And not as the scribes,” he adds. It is because when Jesus speaks the word of God, He speaks as no one has spoken it before. He speaks with authority. When the Rabbis taught they supported their statements with quotes from other authorities.  The prophets spoke with delegated authority like: “Thus says the Lord.”  When Jesus speaks He needs no authorities or doesn’t quote experts to support His statements and render credibility to everything He says. He is the authority incarnate, the Word of God made flesh.  When He speaks, God speaks. When He commands even the demons obey.

Jesus teaches with authority because He is both the Truth and the Good and God. He is the One who has the words of eternal life. He has been at the Father’s side from all eternity. He has come to teach us the way to the Kingdom of Heaven. When we don’t get people astonished at what we say to them, could it be because we speak out of fear or speak because we seek favor just like some of our politicians, sad to hear this. Can we not just listen with hearts of faith to the simple message that Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life?

Beth Nelson, a teacher, reminds us of the satisfaction gained by doing the “work of our hearts.” I will share you some of what she said:

  1. Let me give children the healing knowledge that there is a better way, a more beautiful way to live each day of their lives. A physician I am not, but healing is part of my profession.
  2. Let me give some child hope for eternity, peace in this life, confidence in what will come. I am not a member of the clergy but faith is part of my profession.
  3. Let me give children a feeling of justice; sensitivity for right and wrong; a love of truth and an abhorrence of evil. A legal advisor I am not, but justice is part of my profession.
  4. To some, teaching may be a job; to others, a means to a greater end. One person may think he merely lays bricks; another understands that he is helping to build a hospital. Who among us cannot find a higher purpose in our work?

Second, the people were astonished at Him because of His healing. He heals those who are ill because of His compassion for them. He heals because He loves them. Jesus never stops loving us. He loves us but he will not force us to love him in return. He loves the sinner yet hates the sin. He is willing to be reprimanded by the Pharisees and scribes because He cures the man with unclean spirit during Sabbath day.

Jesus commands the evil one and he submits. The evil one fears Christ’s power. The evil one is silenced by a mere word from Christ. So often we worry and fear that sin and evil have a grip on us that we cannot break. We worry we cannot live up to what the Lord expects of us. Yet, His word makes that evil one flees immediately. He can do the same in our lives if we put our total trust in Him.


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