December 20

Luke 1:26-38

Announcement of the Birth of Jesus

There are so many stories about the Infant Jesus being told. The following story is my favorite which is actually a legend involving St. Jerome and the Infant Jesus. That one Christmas night, right in the very grotto at Bethlehem, St. Jerome was praying and thinking about the birth of Jesus. Suddenly our Lord appeared to him as an infant surrounded by a dazzling light. “Jerome,” the Infant asked, “what are you giving me for my birthday?” ‘Divine Infant,” replied the saint, ‘I give you my heart.”

“Yes, but give me something more.” “I give you all that I am.”

“There is still something more that I want.” “Divine Infant, I have nothing more. What is that I can give you?” “Jerome gives me your sins. Give me your sins that I may pardon all of them.” “Divine Babe,” exclaimed the saint, “You make me weep.” And the saintly man, filled with love of the Infant Jesus, wept for joy. What does the story tell us? Very simple, we can please the Infant Jesus by giving Him our sins through confession, that we may prepare a clean and fresh heart for his coming in the Holy Eucharist.

Today’s gospel is about the annunciation during this Advent season or the first moment of Jesus in the womb of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Word of God and the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity is made flesh, dwells and becomes one of us in all things but sin. And so what is our gift to Him during His birthday celebration besides the sins He asked in our story in order for Him to forgive all of them? I’m sure He will be most happy if we give these top Ten Gifts Money cannot buy during this Christmas Season:

  1. Kiss under the mistletoe. Who says kisses are abundant only during Valentine’s? Just grab your sweetie and kiss him/her.
  2. Time. For once, quit thinking of work and realize that quality time with the family is worth more than your business numbers going up.
  3. Squishy, squashy hug! Do you know that an average person needs a minimum of four hugs to survive the day? So tap the person next to yah and give them your best bear hug.
  4. Forgive and forget. Even the amazing Lord forgives sinners without question. So forget those who did you wrong and have a foe-free season.
  5. Hello telephone?Get in touch with long-lost friends and surprise them with a hearty “Merry Christmas!’ by burning a line or two.
  6. Bonding galore.Strengthen family and friendly ties by going to reunions and spending time with your relatives and buddies.
  7. Smile!Smiling, even to strangers, can give the recipients a fuzzy-warm feeling inside like warm sunshine in a really cold day.
  8. Tap, tap and tap!A simple tap on the shoulder plus a sweet ‘hi’ makes the person feel your care.
  9. Lend your ears.Listening to a friend’s cold Christmas tales’ is as comforting as being able to actually think of a solution to his problems.
  10. Be a good doer.Do something nice to your loved ones like voluntarily doing some chores like: help wash the dishes, say ‘thank you’ to your helpers, woman maid and etc.

It is because ‘a wise lover values not so much the gift of the lover as the love of the giver’ (Thomas a Kimpis).

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